Excavating Services
in Maryland and West Virginia

Our Experienced Team Performs Thorough Excavating Services

Beitzel Excavating & Paving LLC is prepared to perform excavating services on all types of ground surfaces in Garrett County, MD; Allegany County, MD; Preston County, WV; and the surrounding region in Northwestern Maryland and Northeastern West Virginia. There are often obstacles and unforeseen circumstances during excavation, especially if the land is hard to dig. Our contracting professionals overcome those obstacles by utilizing our experience, heavy equipment, skills, and knowledge. We look forward to achieving the excavating needs of our customers. Call us at (301) 334-6326 for a free estimate of any of our excavating services.

Providing Water Treatment and Sewer Treatment Plant Excavation

Beitzel Excavating & Paving provides expert water treatment plant and sewer treatment plant excavation services. We are well equipped to handle the rigorous work needed to clear the land, dig trenches for the installation of water pipes and sewer pipes, perform plumbing and electrical work, and build the treatment plant. We can do it all, from start to finish. Our crew can also make the necessary digging to make repairs of existing underground piping. We work with municipal clients to do the project correctly, and we stay in communication during the job.  

Our Crew Follows the Excavating Plan to the Smallest Detail

Our excavating crew follows the boundaries set by the surveying crew down to the smallest detail. We devise a plan before the excavating process begins. We follow that plan throughout, unless something comes up. Beitzel Excavating & Paving LLC’s team removes the soil for the new foundation, and we make sure the remaining soil is good enough for building. One of our strengths is communication with the client, which is important if problems come up.

We are Driven to Succeed for Our Customers

Beitzel Excavating & Paving LLC’s employees have the drive to clear the site, dig, and meet deadlines. The dig can be very time consuming and messy, but we are persistent in our goal to get the residential or commercial job done correctly for our clients. Do not be concerned about the cleanup process. We haul away any excess debris, stumps, shrubs, rock, or dirt in our cleanup.

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